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Firstly, I want to Honour our King and say this all started because of Him…a long awaited vision that has manifested. It is a great privilege and honour to serve God Almighty our Lord Jesus Christ.

As children of our King, as sons and daughters of the Most High God, it is our time to rise and shine and take dominion in every area of life…including the market place to glorify our creator!  

It is a new season, it’s is a new day and the time is NOW!  We were created and are destined to rule and reign in this earth and to take over for the Glory of God!  We are a lighthouse, a beacon of hope for the world to see each one of God’s children filled with HIS marvellous light, as we reflect and manifest the Life, Light and Love of Christ daily in our areas of influence in the market place!

Circumstances will begin to change and transform before our eyes as we each choose to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit, in unity as the Body of Christ and take dominion and manifest on this earth as true sons and daughters of God.  With our very own eyes we will begin to see the Glory of the Lord cover the earth.

Kingdom Culture is an online Christian business directory where we welcome you as a Christian Company owner; Entrepreneur; Business Professional; Business representative or similar to advertise your business / service / or product online and connect with other Kingdom business people alike from various spheres and industries of business. We aspire to create awareness about the various talented and gifted Christian business professionals in our market place and transfer the wealth of this world into the hands of the righteousthus advancing and empowering the Kingdom of God.

Our aim is to make it an easy and convenient experience for you to find business information, services and potential customers online that are users of Kingdom Culture.  We are here to help you by promoting your business online so that you can become a greater success in the market place.

Kingdom Culture is designed as a tool to connect people to one another and create Kingdom Business relationships and partnerships amongst the Body of Christ, for the Glory and Honour of our Father and King!

The vision of Kingdom Culture is to see the Body of Christ uniting and connecting as one body; as a mighty powerful army, joining hands and partnering together in Kingdom business relationship with like-minded and like hearted people, encouraging economic growth and development and wealth creation amongst Gods people. We are to become the financial giants of this world, abundantly blessed to be a mighty financial blessing to others like our Promoting and funding the Preaching of the Gospel in all the Nations, financially supporting our Churches, our Pastors, Ministries, Missionaries, helping the poor, widows and orphans, thus becoming Kingdom Financiers enabling the advancement and establishment of the Kingdom of God upon this earth.

Gods wants us to be faithful and good stewards of our resources for His Kingdom and purposes, using our resources, time and talents together as a catalyst to grow and establish the Kingdom of God in a greater capacity than ever before; as together in unity as a Mighty Kingdom army we touch the lives of Nations for Gods glory!

Kingdom Culture values our customers who work with us to improve our product and brand awareness in an ever growing business environment; therefore, we look forward to developing and maintaining many wonderful years of excellent business relationships with our customers; we are here to serve you our valued customers and value your patronage.  

We sincerely value and welcome your feedback! We trust that you will have an easy and pleasant experience in finding the business information and connections that you require and hope that you will continue to use Kingdom Culture as your online Christian business service partner.

My prayer for you…is that in your business today, you will stop right now and speak to the Holy Spirit and ask him to lead and guide you today in all that you do. For His power and anointing to come afresh upon you, for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit to be your portion today and always.  All that you put your hands to today would prosper and be fruitful, that the Holy Spirit would use your mouth in the market place to speak through you as a vessel to bring Him honour. That your light would shine to Glorify our Father, that you would have the mind of Christ in all that you do! For supernatural favour to surround you like a shield and that the spirit of grace would rest heavily upon your life empowering you to be more skilled and gifted than 10 mighty men. That most importantly you would make daily time to be with Jesus and hear the voice of our Father, the Good Shepard! I pray that Holy Spirit inspiration and creativity would take over so that you would do your business GODS way! That increase, multiplication and blessing would take over your business and all that you put your hands to would greatly prosper for the Glory of God!


May God continue to richly bless and multiply you for HIS name sake!

Many Blessings

Lindy Bouwer



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